Visors – Anti-Fog Face Shield


Material: PET, Foam & Elastic Band
Certification: CE Class 1 Non-Sterile conforming to EN166:2001, EN ISO 4849:1981

Our face shield is made from a high transparency, high-quality PET which has been treated on both sides to prevent misting and fogging. It offers a clear uninterrupted vision throughout the day and provides an incredible 180* wide isolation range and full-face protection from sneezing, fluid splash, dust, fumes and rain. It is suitable for many indoor and outdoor environments, protection from airborne particles and infection whilst offering unrivalled zero obstruction to line of sight. Masks can cause misting or fogging if you wear glasses. The soft foam ensures a comfortable fit and a firm-wide elastic headband ensures that it will fit all head sizes. Our Face Shield offers comfortable ergonomic protection allowing you to seamlessly continue your day as usual.

£4.95 each (1 Unit)
£3.95 each (Pack of 10)

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