Frequently Asked Question!

Yes, all of our products are fully compliant and all certification and product test reports are available on request.

The products are available in Units shows on each product listing. We also offer volume discounts.

We hold large stock volumes in our UK warehouse. These are available within 1-2 working days subject to availability, transit times and size of the order. Wholesale enquiries for larger volumes may be longer if they are on special order and have to be shipped in by air or sea from our factories.

Masks protect against bacterial, fungal and viral contamination by filtering the air you breathe in and breath out. However, they do not kill the microorganism so the masks should be used only once and should not be shared with anyone else. They are single-use and disposable.

The Face Shield is suitable for all ages.

It is lightweight, comfortable to wear, quick and easy to put on and take off.

Yes, in fact, it is ideal for those who wear glasses and find the use of a face mask misting or fogging their spectacles. The foam headband offers comfort and protection as well as securing the Face Shield panel away from the face and will not interfere with eyewear.